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hello. thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.
my name is katelyn, sometimes people call me kaytea.
& sometimes i write in all lowercase,
and then other times I try and to be normal…

thanksgiving-2016-photo-belong-to-katelyn-ryan-www-katelynryan-com-do-not-use-without-permission949624The Blog Story:
I started this blog in 2012 as a way to share some of our photos from our travels and everyday life. I was over facebook, but still wanted a way to share our life with friends and family.
In 2014 I found out I was pregnant with Ruby. I was teaching art at the time and just didn’t have the time or energy to blog. (I’m still slowly sharing photos from this time)
Ruby arrived in May 2015. I wasn’t quite sure what all I wanted to share with the world. I said hello again to you all the following October.
Things got a little easier with Ruby and we settled into our new city. I realized something was missing, I needed to create, I needed community. So, I started blogging again. This time with a different purpose.
Our Story:
married my favorite personJordan in 2011, after we met and fell in love very quickly at Miami University. We moved from Cincinnati, Ohio to Bloomington, IndianaWe moved again in 2013 to Indianapolis, Indiana. During this time I taught art, at a few different schools. In 2015, Ruby joined the family and we moved, yet again, to the Metro East area of St. Louis. Jordan is a resident doctor working for the Airforce and my most important job right now is raising Ruby. I am also finally working on more of the art part of my degree, and focusing a lot of time on this blog.


Some little things:
I contradict myself quite a bit.I want to explore the world and travel, but really I’m a homebody. I love the color yellow, but I only own a few yellow pieces of clothing myself. Thankfully, Ruby loves it too and looks real good in yellow. 🙂
I’m definitely a people person. You will usually find me smiling. Most often people assume that I am shy because I am soft-spoken. Just wait until you get to know me. I love to play cards and board games. Jordan and I sing silly songs, even before Ruby, and now we often find her babbling her own songs.

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